Triangulated Shelter

Concept gains an appearance of lightness and reduces the physical weight of the structure by dissolving the shell in triangular modules. Five or six of these triangles come together to pentagonal or hexagonal shape. Each side of the triangle consists of an originally planar stripe of flexible board with veneer on one side and textile on the other one. By these means, the material gets the necessary rigidity to work as a structural member of the pavilion but is still able to be bent to a certain degree. That is slightly bent. The still flexible connectors hold the triangles onto each other. After analysing of each component, students went through an optimisation process with the aim to limit the amount of different shapes and to simplify the geometry by using repeating elements.

Student design project by Laura Kiesewetter and Corinna Kernl, University of Stuttgart.
Design Studio: Flexible Forms- Research Pavilion- Design Project, WS 2017/18