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Circular Bridge Featured in Magazine “Forschung Leben”

The high-tech bridge constructed with Flax Fibre in Almere(NL) is an example of modern innovation in bridge construction. Rather than using conventional material such as wood or concrete and steel, the bio-based material provides an impetus to how alternative, biomass-based and renewable resource can be used in the construction industry. It provides a path towards solving the major challenges such as high CO2 emission and high energy consumption in the manufacturing of building material.

‘LEICHT & LICHT’ presentation

Presentation about:
‘Natürliche Intelligenz: Eine neue Ära der Nachhaltigkeit

12. May on 19:40 h, in the framework of the ‘LEICHT & LICHT’ Event. organised by ‘ELEMENTE materialForum in Berlin’.

ZKM lecture

The ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe), which is a renowned well-known culture and arts center in Germany had held the Karlsruher Forum 2020 on Wednesday the 14th of October 2020 with the topic of “New materials for a new world for our future” (Bioal¬che¬mie – unsere Zukunft? Neue Materia¬lien für eine neue Welt) . Prof. Hanaa Dahy has held an introductory lecture in this event with the title: Gold Straw replaces Plastic!

Radio interview (Horads 88,6)

This radio interview discussed opportunities towards future sustainable architecture both in Germany and globally and how BioMat Department at ITKE is supporting that along with all partners and colleagues of the University of Stuttgart and in Stuttgart region.
The interview was moderated by Mr. Robin Christoph Knapp who interviewed Prof. Hanaa Dahy and the discussion covered many interesting developments and ideas linked with sustainability in the building sector and the adaptation of similar developments from other industrial fields including electronics, automotive, textile & material engineering, aircraft design engineering, and others.

November talk at University of East London

In the lecture, entitled ‘Towards Industrialised Architecture’ Hanaa Dahy shared both her own projects and current projects by BioMat students. She opened with an introduction to the organisation, which accommodates internal and external PhD students, and covers biometrics, smart materials and design and fabrication systems, to explore the potential applications of bio-based materials in sustainable architecture.

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