The Department of Biobased Materials and Materials Cycles in Architecture (BioMat) is located at the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart.

It has the goal to merge the fields of design, sustainable materials developments, form-finding, fabrication, biomimetics, space realization and smart systems in architecture. Teaching, research, form generation, material development and production as well as industrial projects are highly networked. BioMat offers architecture students and industry partners the opportunity to participate in current research projects within the framework of sustainable and intelligent building systems.

One of our missions as architects and engineers at BioMat is to examine different sustainability aspects in architecture. Function-oriented design methods, form-finding, spatial realizations and bionically inspired structural forms, combined with specialized material knowledge, digital fabrication form together our research strategies with strong industrial cooperation.

Architects, together with engineers, have the opportunity to apply and develop various manufacturing and computer-aided manufacturing technologies in order to produce and realize the needed products with optimized structures.

Research fields at BioMat: Biomimetics, Sustainability, Design, Form-finding, Fabrication, Development of new building materials, smart materials, fiber-reinforced composites, product design and multifunctional building systems.

Photo: Gunther Willinger

Hanaa Dahy is a registered architect, engineer and material developer who established in the frame of her professorship the research department BioMat (Bio-based Materials and Materials Cycles in Architecture) as a Junior Professor at ITKE (Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design) since July 2016 at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in the University of Stuttgart. She earned her PHD from ITKE in Stuttgart in 2014 with Excellence and earned her Bachelors and Master Degree in ‘Architectural Engineering’ in 2003, 2006 respectively from Ain Shams University in Cairo with Honors. She established her office in 2003 in Cairo and worked on different architectural projects in Cairo and the Middle East before moving to Germany in 2009 to complete her doctoral studies and to merge her experience with the European architecture and industry.

Dahy raised different sustainability aspects and ecological concerns towards building materials and addressed this in different teaching courses, publications and within collaborations with industrial partners in diverse research-industrial projects.

She developed, designed and manufactured a number of innovative sustainable building products that were widely presented in international exhibitions and attracted a lot of industrial interests. Among other research areas, she is particularly interested in biomimetic principles, sustainability and their impact on architectural practice and applications. She has pending European and international patents, earned the best of Materials and Design award (Materialica) in Munich in 2015 and the Material Prize award (MaterialPreis) in 2016 from the Design Center of the state Baden-Württemberg in Germany, a fellowship for the innovation of university-teaching in 2017, a number of research/industrial project funds and is a member of a number of European and international scientific and professional bodies. Her teaching and training are in the area of architectural design, composites, structure and materials, smart systems, fabrication and biomimetics.


  • European Patent (EP 3166765A1, EP2965882B1)
  • International Patent (WO2016005026A1)
  • US Patent (US20170144327)
  • Chinese Patent (CN106604806A)

List of prizes:

  • Fellowship for (Innovation in der Hochschullehre)- Baden Württemberg Stiftung I Deutsche Stifterverband 2017
  • Material Prize 2016 (Design Center-Baden Württemberg)
  • Best of Materialica Design + Technology Award 2015
  • Award for the graduation Project from the UIA I Egyptian National Sector - 2003
  • Honorary Award - Mobile Clinic, New York, USA - 2003
  • Award - Students Union- Faculty of Engineering- Ain Shams University - years 2003, 2002, 2001
  • First Prize Award - design competition of Samha Gardens, Emirates, with CPAS – 2002
  • First Prize Award - Court-House design in Dubai, with CPAS – 2001