“Interlock” proposes a modular biocomposite structure with a simple interlocking joint as the main assembly aspect, emphasizing the reusability of such modules, and the ease of erecting the structure with minimal means.
This project is meant as an investigative method towards alternative building methods and materials, being part of the ongoing BIOMAT research into natural, recyclable, low-cost, CO2-neutral materials. It is supposed to devise a design and building strategy that encompasses the principles of “cradle to cradle” life cycles in the built environment, proposing a holistic approach to bio-inspired design, accentuating the main advantages of these alternative methods in contrast to traditional building processes.

This Project describes the processes of fabricating a biocomposite structure, the tailor-fibre placement of the flax to form the necessary reinforcement, the resin infusion and curing, the mold development and forming, the assembly, and connection strategies. Together with the practical experience of the fabrication, the results of this project should show future insight into alternative building strategies, becoming part of the basis on which a new, more aware, more environmentally oriented architecture is devised.

Students: Karolin Unger, Maria Radulescu
Tutor: Jan Petrš, Evgenia Spyridonos, Piotr Baszynski
Suprevisor: Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arch. Hanaa Dahy
Design Studio: Flat to Spatial, SS 2020, University of Stuttgart.