Project: MML Materials Matter Lab – function follows fiction
Project Type: Fellowship Fund for Innovation in High School Teaching
Funding Body:  Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Hochschullehre
Role: Principle Investigator
Period: 2017– 2018

Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy was granted a Senior-Fellowship fund for innovation in High School teaching by the Baden-Württemberg foundation, donor’s association for German High School teaching (Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Hochschullehre). The fund includes the teaching series MML-Materials Matter Lab, Function follows fiction. With her position as a Juniorprofessor at ITKE (Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design), she is able to introduce new didactics for the students at the Faculty 1, Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart.

Normally, architecture students are working with simple cardboard models, sometimes with wood, to project their ideas during their studies, but are limited in their choice of materials or innovations. The fund is offering the possibility, to introduce new material-developments made by students under the supervision of Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy and her department of Bio-based Materials and Materials cycles in Architecture.

Besides the material itself, the teaching philosophy here aims to allow students to work hand in hand with industry.