Bending Voxel

Bending Voxel

For the concept of the student design project, it was important to design a volumetric element for arrangement and connection to larger structures while at the same time taking advantage of the flexibility of BioFlexi – a flexible high-density fiber board made of up to 90 % natural fibers from agricultural residuals and bio-based polymers. It was also relevant to design an aesthetic object which can either be used in small arrangements for interior applications or in a large assembly of architectural scale such as pavilions.

The bending voxel creates a maximum of space from a minimum of material. It can be imagined as highly light-weight furniture or as a large pavilion structure offering both enclosure and translucency. The modular design of the element offers a large variety of applications.

The element consists of four interconnected, double bent stripes of BioFlexi. In the fabrication process, the flexible material is being bent, stiffened in its bent position and laminated with veneer on both sides in only one fabricational step. The single modules can be interconnected on all sides with a screw and plug system.

Student design project by Timo Sippach, University of Stuttgart.
Design Studio: Flexible Forms, WS 17/18