The Department of Biobased Materials and Materials Cycles in Architecture (BioMat) is located at the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart.

Our goal at BioMat is to explore innovative solutions for future sustainable Architecture. In our projects, we apply a bottom-up approach to research, merging the fields of architectural design, structural simulation, material research, technology and computational design to create feasible sustainable applications for the built environment. 

This multidisciplinary background offers students the opportunity to cooperate with Industry Partners in state-of-the-art research. Our students learn how to leverage material properties to design material efficient, structurally optimised and differentiated building components and systems. They also actively engage with emergent technologies and  large scale digital fabrication. 

It is our belief that new technologies can unlock the potential for bio-materials to permeate every-day architectural scenarios, therefore shaping a more material-efficient perspective for the new sustainable Architecture of the coming Era.

Research fields at BioMat: Biomimetics, Sustainability, Design, Form-finding, Fabrication, Development of new building materials, smart materials, fiber-reinforced composites, product design and multifunctional building systems

BioMat Pavilion 2021 – Photo: Masih Imani