The Bio-based Materials and Materials Cycles in Architecture Group (BioMat) was founded by Prof. Dr.-Ing Hanaa Dahy in 2016 at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Stuttgart, followed by the opening of a second branch in 2022 at the Institute of Planning in the Technical Faculty of IT and Design (TECH) of the Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus.

Our goal at BioMat is to explore innovative solutions for future sustainable Architecture. The design philosophy of BioMat sees material properties as a design tool, merging the fields of Material Research, Architectural Design, and Digital Fabrication to create feasible sustainable applications for the built environment.

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BioMat- Biobased Materials

Vortragsreihe Hochschule Karlsruhe- Technik und Wirtschaft- Fakultät für Architektur und Bauwesen, Karlsruhe


BioMat Exhibition 2019

The exhibition is a collection of the latest research and student projects, which connect the fields of design, sustainable materials developments, biomimetics, and smart systems in architecture. New materiality has been evolved in cooperation with industrial partners and research institutions by using digital fabrication. The exhibition showcases a vision of the future environmentally friendly architecture.

November talk at University of East London

In the lecture, entitled ‘Towards Industrialised Architecture’ Hanaa Dahy shared both her own projects and current projects by BioMat students. She opened with an introduction to the organisation, which accommodates internal and external PhD students, and covers biometrics, smart materials and design and fabrication systems, to explore the potential applications of bio-based materials in sustainable architecture.

Text and Image Source: sto-stiftung.de